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Digital Digest: August 15, 2023

Digital Team

✅ An SEO Checklist to Help Improve Your Process (SocialMediaToday, 8/14/23): The SEMRush team recently shared their latest SEO fundamentals checklist that covers 44 key points to consider, from keyword research to more technical elements.

Why it matters: By leveraging this resource, teams can ensure the stronger optimization of their clients’ websites and content, leading to improved search engine rankings, enhanced organic visibility, and ultimately, greater online traffic and conversions.

🤖 TikTok Adds New Required Labels for AI-Generated Content (Mashable, 8/10/23): A toggle labelled “AI-generated content” is now found when uploading a video. TikTok warns that the platform may take down content that isn’t labelled.

Why it matters: This feature ensures transparency and accountability in content sharing, aligning with ethical considerations surrounding AI-generated content.

📈 Snapchat rises to 397M users, sees more active advertisers in Q2 (MarketingDive, 7/26/23): Snap reports it has more ad partners than ever and is delivering improved optimization performance.

Why it matters: The surge in active advertisers indicates a competitive advertising landscape, emphasizing the platform’s effectiveness for brands. Snap could be considered as a unique, potential marketing platform for clients based on their goals and target audience.