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Digital Digest: December 20, 2023

Digital Team

 📲 TikTok rolls out enhanced app experience for tablets and foldables (TechCrunch, 12/18/23): Viewing your TikToks on tablets or foldable devices? No problem, as TikTok has rolled out a new update to better optimize the viewing experience paired with orientation support.

Why it matters: TikTok has enhanced the user experience to combat its rival, YouTube, which in turn gives more opportunity for brands to make an impact across devices with their associated content.

 📝 Instagram Allows Users to Share Two-Second Looping Video Notes; How To Use Here (The Quint World, 12/15/23): Instagram is introducing a new feature to the platform to allow users to share a two-second looping video Note, where users could only upload text or emojis to their status update.

Why it matters: This is another way to engage audiences, with short-form content that only last for 24-hours, offering a great way to A/B test certain content or even tease upcoming news or updates from your brand when possible. The one caveat, however, is only mutual followers will be able to view, but could be a good targeted approach to consider, pending the brand/influencer posting.

🙅 15 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Using Generative AI in Social Media Campaigns (Forbes, 11/29/23): Forbes has gathered common mistakes for content creators to considering avoiding for future social and digital campaigns, which advices to avoid using AI as the sole content creator.

Why it matters: Generative AI is an ever-evolving technology that is still fairly new to the industry, so it’s vital for content creators and social media strategists to take a step back and align on common mistakes to avoid when using AI to make their future more authentic and true to the company’s brand.