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Digital Digest: December 5, 2023

Digital Team

❗️Instagram now allows anyone to download public Reels(Tech Crunch, 11/23/23): All users across the world can now download public Reels to their devices. Prior to this, you could only save Reels to the Instagram app for viewing them later.

Why it matters: This presents new opportunities for reaching and engaging audiences beyond the platform.

🤩 What do you predict will be the key trends of note in the year ahead?(SocialMediaToday, 12/4/23): Instagram just launched its “2024 Trend Talk”, which provides an overview of what audiences predict the top trends will be, based on what got their attention this year, and what they want to see more of.

Why it matters: This insight, derived from audience preferences and attention in the current year, provides valuable foresight for shaping content strategies, ensuring they align with emerging trends and resonate effectively with target audiences.