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Digital Digest: July 03 2023

Digital Team

🤳 Meta Publishes New Guide on How to Create Standout Reels Content (Social Media Today, 6/29/23): If you’re looking to upgrade your current Reels creative, Meta has now released the mini-manual you need to do just that and more.

Why it matters: This handy guide includes technical considerations, ways to maximize your Reels engagement, and more creative ideas to better assist in strategic planning for future social media campaigns.

💸 TikTok Dangles Zero Seller Fees Ahead of US Marketplace Debut (Bloomberg, 06/29/23): In an effort to grow its e-commerce platform and amplify in-app shopping, TikTok is now offering free listings, shipping and more to incentive users to sell more on the platform.

Why it matters: While TikTok continues to grow in popularity, it will be important to see how TikTok Shop progresses and how users respond to the incentives currently being offered.