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Digital Digest: July 11, 2023

Digital Team

👀 Twitter Announces New Version of TweetDeck (SocialMediaToday, 7/3/23): TweetDeck will soon be a Twitter Blue exclusive, meaning that users will soon have to pay to keep scheduling their tweets via the app

Why it matters: signals a significant change in the accessibility and functionality of TweetDeck, potentially requiring adjustments in scheduling and engagement tactics for users.

 🤝Instagram Will Now Let You Add Up to Three Collaborators on Posts and Reels (Instagram, 6/10/23): Up until now, that’s been limited to a single collaborative account; but now, you can include more partners on a post/Reel, with all contributors able to access organic insights.

Why it matters: Clients and teams to take note of update for any future collaborative posts.

✨ Curious about Snapchat for B2B and B2C marketing? (SocialMediaToday, 7/10/23): The team from Brafton are sharing 13 surprising benefits of leveraging the platform for marketing efforts.

Why it matters: Understanding each platform is beneficial and can help make high-level recommendations to strategies and campaigns.