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Digital Digest: June 29 2023

Digital Team

🤖 LinkedIn Launches Live Test of Generative AI Posts (Social Media Today, 6/23/23): The new tool would prompt you to ‘share your ideas’ in the composer and it would provide suggestions for a ‘first draft’ of a post.

Why it matters: This tool could potentially be valuable in helping to create engaging content and potentially improving post quality.

🛍 TikTok Expands Access to New TikTok Shops eCommerce Program (Social Media Today, 6/22/23): This provides streamlined product display, and in-stream conversion, simplifying the in-app shopping experience.

Why it matters: Teams to assess both the benefits and impact this may have on clients within the e-commerce space and adjust strategies accordingly to stay competitive and jump on any areas of opportunity.

👀 Instagram Now Allows Users to Download Public Reels (TechCrunch, 6/20/23): Users are now able to download any public reel and share it outside of the app.

Why it matters: This opens up additional opportunities for content distribution, user engagement, and wider brand visibility beyond the Instagram platform.