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Digital Digest: November 1, 2023

Digital Team

Threads is Developing an API, Though it Remains Wary of the Influence of News Content (SocialMediaToday, 10/29/2023): Threads is working on implementing an API, which will allow third-party platforms to schedule posts; however, the main focus for the developers remains on in-platform creators.

Why it matters: Being able to proactively schedule posts will make it easier for brands to establish a presence on the platform and maintain steady activity.

❌ Posts with misinformation on X become ‘ineligible for revenue share’ says Musk (TechCrunch, 10/29/2023): X is cracking down on the spread on misinformation on the platform by demonetizing all posts that have been corrected by the platform’s fact-checking system.

Why it matters: Tackling misinformation would help X get a trustworthy reputation over time, which is especially important to align with their goal of becoming a news platform.