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Digital Digest: November 21, 2023

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🗣️ Stand with X to protect free speech (XBlog, 18/11/2023) X have released a statement condemning media outlet Media Matters for accusing X of promoting hate, and defending their “free speech” policy that, they say, the user experience on X depends on.

Why it matters: This poses a strategic question for advertisers, pushing them to make a decision on whether to maintain their presence on the platform.

🎁 Google Adds More Generative AI Elements To Search (SocialMediaToday, 11/16/2023): The platform will be launching a feature allowing users to create text-prompted AI generated images and look for products that match the visual.

Why it matters: Businesses can leverage this feature to advance their offerings and expand their audience by getting in front of more shoppers without any financial implications.

🏎️ WhatsApp Ties Up With The Mercedes F1 Team As The Sponsor For The 2024 Season And Beyond (TechCrunch, 10/29/2023): The deal means Mercedes will post exclusive content on their one-to-many WhatsApp channel, which already has an audience of 650,000 followers in the app.

Why it matters:This partnership helps boost not only WhatsApp’s popularity, but also establishes it as more than just a messaging platform and more like a traditional social media app, paving the way for new advertising opportunities.