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Digital Digest: November 28, 2023

Digital Team

🎨 7 Creative Design Trends for 2024 [Infographic](SocialMediaToday, 11/26/23): Depositphotos has put together its annual report of emerging creative and visual trends expected to evolve in the new year, based on relevant search queries currently being seen by its 40 million users.

Why it matters: Predictions season is upon us, and many brands are looking to dig into expected trends to start to plan new content for the new year. This is a great resource to reference for brands to better shape their overall narrative pending new trending styles and topics of conversation, which also allows B2B/B2C marketing teams to explore new ways to market content across digital platforms.

🤳 Making Sales Through Live Streams (LinkedIn, 11/21/23): A Chinese live streamer gained immense attention after raking in $18.7M over 7 days, promoting products in an unconventional way: featuring each product for 3 seconds only.

Why it matters: The speed and efficiency demonstrated by the live streamer present an innovative approach to engage audiences. This approach highlights the value and need for brands to continue to test different approaches with content promotion and adapt to evolving trends and audience preferences.