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Digital Digest: September 12, 2023

Digital Team

🤳 How the Instagram Algorithm Works in 2023 (Social Media Examiner, 9/11/23): This article delves into emerging trends within the Instagram app, shedding light on the algorithm’s mechanics to assist content creators in crafting more informed story and grid posting strategies.

Why it matters: This is an informative guide to help support social content managers leverage their content appropriately and capitalize on their overall social media strategies on Instagram.

🛍️TikTok Replaces ‘Storefront’ with ‘Shop’(Practical Ecommerce, 9/11/23): Say goodbye to TikTok Storefront, and hello to its permanent replacement: TikTok Shop, effective September 12.

Why it matters: Merchants — who can be a brand or individual — must now follow a new process and utilize Shop to sell directly on the platform, which aims to boost in-app conversation rates for merchants.