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HotTakes: Partnering and the Power of Ecosystems

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Why do companies partner? How can they build bi-directional partnerships and relationships successfully?

In this HotTakes episode, we discuss these questions with Anne Vondrak, Director of Strategic Partnerships at industrial network security startup Claroty. Anne draws from her career managing partnerships to share how industrial companies can and should communicate their innovative partnerships, including:

  1. Want to partner? First, set the “truth table.” Transparency is key for navigating an ever-changing channel to market.
  2. Large, legacy companies are big ships and they are slow to turn – they benefit from the nimble energy the startup tugboats can bring. In return, they help these littler boats manage rough waters.
  3. Partnering during the pandemic and it’s all remote? Turn on your camera! It helps create intimacy. Use all your channels, get on LinkedIn, work closely with marketing to find new ways to connect and connect better – like interactive webinars, leveraging new virtual event platforms, and entice existing and new customers to meet digitally with relevant, quality content and easy-to-use systems.

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