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Hotwire Headlines #12

From Australia: The latest in tech and innovation

In recent news, the imminent vaccine trial gives supply chain tech a boost, Brisbane based biotech makes it big with fast-tracked COVID testing, and the fintech industry is shaken up with QR code payments; as neobank Xinja shuts up shop.

Covid vaccine is bonanza for digital supply chain tracking industry

Logistical hurdles are a significant risk to distribute COVID-19 vaccines, resulting in booming business for companies such as private California-based Cloudleaf, Germany’s SAP and others that sell monitoring shipment tech.

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Australian Government pours millions into COVID vaccine tracking systems

The federal government will spend millions on tracking and monitoring systems for its planned COVID vaccination program slated to begin in March, totalling a $75 million investment over the next two years.

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Ellume set to make more than $1bn from rapid COVID-19 tests

Brisbane-based biotech Ellume is on track to make more than $1bn a year from its rapid COVID-19 tests and is set to max production capacity within three months as the US soaks up supply.

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Eftpos gears up to pilot QR code payments system in 2021

Eftpos is working with merchants to deliver a national QR code payment system, slated to be delivered as a pilot in 2021.

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Neobank Xinja closes as COVID bites capital-raising ability

Neobank Xinja has announced it will close all accounts and hand back its licence after struggling to raise capital during COVID-19.

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