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Hotwire Headlines #32

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The latest in data-driven marketing

This week, we look at the changing nature of data-driven marketing, explore tips to optimise processes and increase open rates in email campaigns, and look at what Apple’s latest privacy changes mean for marketing metrics.

The third-party data party is over. What comes next for marketers?

The marketing sector is no stranger to enthusiastic debate, but the battle between privacy advocates and the holders of customer data has become especially impassioned. CMO explores how the battle for privacy, demise of the third-party cookie, growing investment into first-party data and second-party data partnerships are changing nature of data-driven marketing.

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Influencer marketing builds authenticity while cutting costs, says industry expert

The Australia Influencer Marketing Council webinar held earlier this week featured an expert panel who shared their insights on why influencers and creators are now central to most marketing campaigns and what’s driving the growth in the channel. Learn why influencer marketing is no longer an add-on, but instead emerging as an integral component of the marketing mix for the majority of brands.

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Top 10 tips for driving email deliverability

Marketers spend hours upon hours planning and carefully executing every little detail of an email marketing campaign that might never get received. As the pandemic rages on in varying degrees around the world, greater global internet volumes are making it tougher for traffic to get from point A to point B because service and mailbox providers are tightening their criteria to cope. Here are 10 tips on how to optimise processes and increase open rates.

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What Apple’s latest privacy changes mean for marketing

Apple sent yet another shockwave through the marketing industry last week, when the tech giant revealed there would be additional privacy controls in the upcoming iOS 15 update. iOS 15 will stamp out email tracking tools and hide IP addresses in an effort to further the data of Apple customers. For marketers, this means valuable metrics such as open and clickthrough rates on email campaigns are under threat. Learn why marketers will need to rethink their approach to measurement so they’re not relying so heavily on third-party data.

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A closer look at vaccine commercials in the UK, NZ and US vs. Australia

Luma Research, the brand and communications insights agency, has been taking a look at COVID-19 vaccine commercials and found a huge difference in approaches by advertisers across the world. Australia’s Federal Government-backed vaccination campaign has been heavily criticised as boring and ineffective compared to campaigns in other English-speaking markets. So what would make a successful and effective vaccine ad.? Luma ran four ads through its creative testing platform to see which ones were effective and why.

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