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How Are You Preparing for CES 2023?

Brittany Margiotta

Senior Director

Somehow, someway we are 64 days away from CES. As the industry comes together after two years of the conference looking quite different, brands, media and creators alike are gearing up to kick off another year with the latest products and next generation innovation.  

At Hotwire, our consumer tech experts are already at work planning and supporting partners on showing up and standing out. We’ve been at this for a while and over the years have shared CES tips and tricks, but this year we’re reflecting on last year’s event. Disrupted by COVID-19 and Omicron variant surges, things looked different – we know in the background conversations and plan shifts for brands and agency partners were also different. As we continue to stay on our toes leading up to CES 2023, here are some of our takeaways and tips from a successful 2022, despite navigating extreme uncertainty.  

Be Agile, Have a Plan B & C 

Last year, media and participants made the decision to not attend anywhere from two weeks to days before the event. While this meant on-site would look a lot different, it didn’t mean the opportunity to make some noise as a brand was lost. Year over year CES has a certain hustle and craziness to it, but when some of the biggest industry players and media pulled out, the ability to remain a calm consultant, be flexible and shift the approach on the fly was crucial in being successful in 2022.  

Get in Front of Media & Creators as Early as Possible  

Even pre-COVID, we started to see more media push for news in advance or pre-event interviews. It’s crucial to engage with media early on to get in front of them. Double down on embargo and pre-brief outreach. Share your news early and offer pre-briefs – be top of mind before the event even starts. In-person interviews aren’t dead, they just aren’t the only way media and influencers look to get information and cover news.  

Align on Hero Products and News ASAP! 

What’s needed to get in front of media early on? Confirm your hero news and product early on so it’s ready to be shared well in advance of the show.  

Bring Your Brand Experience TO Media & Creators  

Less media and influencers on-site means less interactive experience with products, features, and demos. Have b-roll, visual and creative assets available. Share in a press-kit with media so they can easily weave into coverage.  

Despite an extremely quiet show floor from media and brands alike in 2022, our approach with meaningful pre-event media engagements, transparent communication with our partners, and ability to pivot on the fly allowed us to drive impactful results. Check out our case study: Becoming CES showstoppers through uncertain times.

We’re looking forward to another year of engaging, forming relationships with, and supporting change-maker brands shaping the consumer tech space as we look to 2023 and beyond. We hope to see you there!  

Still on the fence about attending this year’s event? Don’t have a booth but still want to maximize the moment with CES? Drop us a line and we’re happy to put you in touch with our experts who will be on-site at CES 2023.