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Tips for brands on surviving and standing out at MWC 2019

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As the consumer team at Hotwire gears up for MWC 2019, we’ve been pulling on our experience on how you as a brand can survive and standout at the annual show, an unmissable appointment for any new mobile technology lover.

Mobile madness hits Barca

Between 25th and 28th February 2019, Barcelona will become once again, the World Capital of Technology, with more than 100,000 visitors and more than 2,300 companies and brands ready to shake up the smartphones and mobile devices market.

The announcements that come out of the show will change lives in the years to come. Mobile aficionados will take over the city and you’ll see MWC passes everywhere.

You’ll struggle to get a cab, or a hotel room, unless you’ve booked way in advance – but all this is part of the fun.

For those heading to the show this year, here are our top five tips.

1. It’s all about the planning

It’s really no lie that PR planning for next year’s MWC literally starts the Monday after you’re back in the office:

  • Start reaching out to press NOW – rather than relying on the press list distributed by the show itself, get in touch with the media you know to find out what they’re planning to cover, are interested in, and who they are sending
  • Make sure your spokespeople (no matter how experienced they are) are re-media trained well in advance
  • If you haven’t already, get on booking hotels and entertainment immediately – have plenty of restaurant options for journalists, clients and new business prospects for when they want to grab a quick drink, bet of Barcelona paella or experience all that Las Ramblas nightlife has to offer
  • Organise your team or agency back in the office carefully. Plan who’s going to attend the show and who’ll be your team on the ground – both will play vital roles
2. Network, network, network
  • Download the show’s App ASAP, and use its features to start networking with other attendees
  • Set up a WhatsApp group early and plan to use more than email at the show – whilst it may be MWC, the Wi-Fi is always worse than poor
  • At the event, throw yourself into it and attend as many presentations and parties as possible – MWC is a place for wheelin’ and dealin’ at all hours
  • Befriend fellow flight goers on your way out there, as well as booth neighbours – these are all future connections and potential customers/business partners waiting for you
3. When to arrive and leave

Be there Sunday afternoon – that evening is when everything starts happening, with all the big news going out Sunday/ Monday. Take this into consideration when you’re planning your own news cycle

  • Don’t stay past Thursday morning – nobody wants to be there
4. Say something new
  • 5G has been a topic for four years at the show – have something new to say or find another conversation point
  • Take a look at the key themes and figure out how your business can own a piece of the conversation pie
5. For those who don’t go
  • If you’re not actually at MWC, but want to make the most of it and get involved in the conversation, build out an issues jumping team (people back at the office who can jump on news out of the show) that can position you in front of the right press who will be looking for perspective and add-ons to the news from the likes of Samsung, etc.

Most of all, if you’re going, enjoy it and be sure to bring your party pants – it’s a celebration of some of the best technology we’ll see this year. If you want to know more on how we can support you at MWC get in touch with I’d be happy to buy you a coffee (or better yet a strong cocktail) and chat all things tradeshows.