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Tips to Ignite Possibilities in Your Internship

Mia Stephens

An internship can be an exciting experience filled with both challenges and uncertainty. There are so many unknowns, from the types of projects you support and the communication between your colleagues to the nuances of a company’s processes and culture. As an intern, your greatest superpower is your ability to shape your experience and put your years of study into real-world, practical implementation. I’ve identified a few tips for any interns or internship seekers to help you make the most of your experience.

Tip #1: Ask as many questions as possible

No one knows everything. Most activities you participate in will be new to you. Take time to ask questions, clarify tasks, and seek advice from team members. You might be surprised to learn that even industry leaders and heavyweights will tell you they are always learning. Experts and professionals thrive off curiosity, so use this to your advantage. You may know individuals who have been in roles before you who have taken risks to pave the path they are on today. Behind their success was a curious mind and a determined spirit to succeed. If they can do it, so can you! 

Tip #2: Be proactive and go the extra mile 

As an intern at Hotwire, proactivity took many different forms, from scheduling a meeting outside my assigned meetings to asking my manager or team members if they needed help with their workloads. By taking the initiative, you show the company and colleagues you are willing to do the work, are eager to learn, and are serious about your job. Every time you support a colleague with a task is an opportunity to display your curiosity, ambition, and one-team mindset!

Tip #3: Speak up – people want to hear your ideas

Engage, Engage, ENGAGE. You have a voice – as uncomfortable as it may be, use it! From agency leadership to the most junior roles, people want to know your ideas in a meeting or an individual sync-up. Every interaction is an opportunity to exchange and create high-level ideas.

Tip #4: Use your experience to leverage your knowledge and expertise

While you may not have previous experience in an agency environment, you can use skills from previous roles. No matter what point you are at in your career journey, skills can be TRANSFERABLE. Take advantage of your past personal and professional experiences to engage in meaningful discussions to solve problems and create amazing work.

Tip #5: Show up as your whole self 

Authenticity creates bonds and relationships. Show up and shine! You can do everything and anything you put your mind to, you possess the skills and motivation to have a successful internship experience. You are unique and so is your internship, and you are the only one who can make the most of your opportunity. Put your best foot forward, contribute to the best of your ability, be curious, and make an impact!

In the end, an internship can be a rewarding experience! It can be all that you want it to be and more when you consider all the ways you can IGNITE possibilities. Looking for your next opportunity? Check out our careers page and see if Hotwire could be the next step for you.