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Understanding the true benefits of being “on the ground” at MWC

Hotwire Global

MWC. It’s a show I’ve coordinated and managed for various clients for years, and one I thought I knew inside out when it came to understanding what my client deals with on the show floor.

This year, I was leading the MWC activity for my client Intel Security. From developing my client’s messaging for the show to drafting the PR plan for the various EMEA markets to pitching for briefings, I thought I knew all there was to know when it came to Intel Security at Mobile World Congress.

But this year I was on the ground, and when you’re there, it’s a different thing altogether.

I’ve always understood my client’s business (I mean, I’d be an awful PR person if I didn’t!), but reflecting on the last week I realise I’m leaving the show with an even deeper insight.

Often, as PR people, we don’t see first-hand how much our client and its spokespeople really value all of the preparation. At the show this year, I got to see how useful they found those briefing books that felt like they took a million years to develop. And I saw the very real business impact of the team’s hard work, with the sales team even taking our insights to use as proof points in sales meetings at the show. It really gives you a sense of accomplishment, proving real value in what we do for our clients.

Over the course of my three days at MWC, I was able to spend quality time with all of the spokespeople I’ve been talking about for years on both a professional and social level. I can’t begin to tell you how valuable this is as a PR person – spending time with a variety of your clients employees really helps to embed you into the company’s internal culture. I found Intel Security’s team to be driven, intelligent and transparent with each other – much like we are at Hotwire. But they also are great fun, and recognise the importance of having a laugh with the people you work with – also, like us at Hotwire (or so I’d like to think!). 

But being on the show floor with your client also really drills in the importance of having a supportive and on-the-ball team back at home. Working in PR, we know how it is – it’s fast paced and that is never truer than at a show like MWC. With journalists constantly requesting scheduling changes whilst at the same time researching relevant news opportunities for our client to comment, the importance of a co-ordinated, reliable team is absolutely key to any successful MWC.

Overall, I’m walking away from the show with a deeper understanding of not only the business and its people, but the vitality of a super tightly run ship when it comes to working with both the team back at home and on the ground. And I get to take that away and share it with all of the guys back at Hotwire HQ – definitely worth the sore feet (and head) that comes with MWC.