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Hotwire Announces Global AI Innovation Team for Consultancy & AI Product Suite  

SAN FRANCISCO — May 21, 2024 — Hotwire, the global communications and marketing consultancy, today launched its global AI Innovation team and first proprietary AI tool,, that delivers unique insight into brand reputation, influence and recommendations by AI chatbots like ChatGPT, Claude, Gemini and Perplexity. is the first in a series of AI technology and consulting solutions Hotwire will launch in the coming months to help global brands use AI as part of their marketing and communications strategies to better meet business goals. Hotwire has appointed Sven Winnefeld as Vice President, AI Innovation to lead the AI team across Hotwire’s global organization. This team will consult clients on their AI strategies and communications programs in addition to developing the suite of proprietary AI powered solutions. 

“According to MuckRack’s State of AI in PR 2024 report, 64% of PR pros now use generative AI tools, compared to just 28% a year ago. This rapid adoption will shape how AI is used in PR and marketing to engage target audiences and stakeholders. By launching a team dedicated to AI innovation for communications and marketing, we can set our clients ahead of competitors through unique AI insights and technologies, done responsibly. Working with and understanding how best to deploy AI will allow global brands to build stronger reputations and relationships that boost customer retention and revenues,” said Heather Kernahan, Global Chief Executive Officer at Hotwire.

With Hotwire’s, marketing and communications professionals in technology and innovation companies will better understand how their brand and products show up in AI chatbots like ChatGPT, Claude, Gemini and Perplexity as well as the opportunities to influence these answers. While search engine optimization (SEO) measures and focuses on keywords and backlinks, will allow brands to use Generative Artificial Intelligence Optimization (GAIO) to understand brand mentions on these AI chatbots and identify the most prominent answers and sources to recognize which media outlets, channels and influencers are leveraged and prioritized. This will better inform PR and marketing strategies as clients navigate how Generative AI powered research and responses are impacting brand reputation and visibility.

“As consumers and B2B buyers increasingly turn to Generative AI for research it will only become more important that marketing and communications teams understand how consumers are using these tools and develop strategies to best position their company and products. delivers insights into the answers of ChatGPT and other AI chatbots, including the identification of the most cited products, brands and sources. This tool is just the start from Hotwire on working with AI to give our clients the insights they need to create the most effective marketing and communications programs for the future,” said Sven Winnefeld, VP, AI Innovation at Hotwire., available immediately to Hotwire clients, allows brands to: 

As part of Hotwire’s continued AI consultancy, earlier this year, Hotwire launched a report titled Brand Narratives in the Age of AI in partnership with think tank House of Beautiful Business. The report features input from experts at the forefront of AI including journalists, cyber-psychologists, designers, and brand leaders to unravel the AI trends and narratives shaping the business landscape and societal perceptions, and developed a new brand positioning framework that comms and marketing leaders can use to benchmark and craft their own AI narratives.

During Sven Winnefeld’s keynote presentation at the AMEC Global Summit, he discussed Generative AI Optimization and gave an incredible demo of alongside Matt Oakley, Hotwire’s Global Head of Data & Analytics and MuckRack’s Chief Partnerships Officer Natan Edelsburg, who discussed navigating the future of comms measurement in the world of AI .

To check out more about Hotwire’s AI consultancy or learn more about the AI team, technology and capabilities, visit the website here.