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Hotwire Global Communications Adds Next-Generation Data Intelligence and AI Solutions to Its Data and Analytics Product Suite

New Tools Offer Unprecedented Insights for Technology and Innovation Companies to Take Action Faster for Market and Media Trends 

SAN FRANCISCO — November 27, 2023 — Hotwire, the global technology communications and marketing consultancy, today introduced three new data intelligence offerings: MessagingIQ, NewsroomIQ, and IQBrief. These innovative solutions are designed to empower organizations by leveraging advanced analytics, AI, and comprehensive data insights to better identify the most impactful messaging, storylines, reporters, and influencers. These products were designed with client needs in mind, with Discord, Avanade and ABB already utilizing these new solutions to add greater intelligence to their communications and marketing programs. 

“With the introduction of MessagingIQ, NewsroomIQ, and IQBrief, Hotwire is redefining how organizations harness the surge in data we are seeing. These offerings are not just about managing data but transforming it into strategic assets,” says Matt Oakley, Global Head of Data and Analytics. “Each product is designed to turn data into actionable insights and strategic decisions. These tools are not just about measuring outcomes; they are about shaping them. With these innovative offerings, our clients are equipped to anticipate and lead trends, not just follow them, and make smarter, faster decisions aligned to business goals.”

These new solutions are available immediately and add to Hotwire’s existing four data and analytics solutions including PR measurement dashboard, CommsIQ, digital marketing measurement platform PerformanceIQ, audience insights tool AudienceIQ and ABM account intelligence platform AccountIQ. The new products allow clients to gather further intelligence into specific areas including:  

MessagingIQ: Making Brand Messaging Dynamic with Data-Driven Insights

MessagingIQ presents a groundbreaking approach that combines audience intelligence, language and trend analysis, and extensive media and competitor data. This service is designed to identify emerging topics and trends, align them with pre-defined messaging pillars, and dynamically update message houses. Key features include:

1. Access to insights on what resonates with audiences, boosting relevance and engagement
2. A proactive, rather than reactive, approach to messaging 
3. Discovery of new topics, ensuring alignment with changing landscapes 
4. Enhancement of brand perception and reputation

NewsroomIQ: Empowering PR Teams with Comprehensive Media Impact Insights

NewsroomIQ consolidates multiple data sources to deliver an always on newsroom service for clients. This integrated approach enables PR teams to glean insights from millions of online media sources and social posts, helping them to identify newsjacking opportunities, understand the outlets and reporters that have the greatest imapct, and identify industry trends to optimize strategies. Benefits include:

1. Identifying outlets and authors driving the most engagement around key topics or brands 
2. Analyzing media and social posts to pinpoint highly engaging topics 
3. Keeping abreast of new topics and market trends 
4. Enhancing relevance and engagement with journalists and audiences 

IQBrief: Streamlining News Gathering with Generative AI

IQBrief leverages the power of generative AI to automate the manual processes involved in gathering and summarizing relevant news stories. This technology dramatically expands news coverage and enhances the speed and efficiency of media briefings. Key advantages include:  

1. Expanded news coverage and scaled-up news gathering capabilities 
2. Accelerated speed-to-insight for client media briefings and reports 
3. Customizable news briefings tailored for different stakeholders 

Hotwire’s data and analytics team continues to be recognized as leaders in the industry. Recent accolades include two wins at the AMEC Global Communication Effectiveness Awards earlier this month. A gold award was presented for Hotwire’s data measurement practice as the “Most effective in-house change of practice in measurement in a PR agency” and a bronze award for the unique data dashboard with Indeed under the “Best Multi-Market Reporting” category. Matt Oakley, Global Head of Data and Analytics at Hotwire also received the judges highly commended award for AMEC Executive Professional of the Year. The team has also spoken at a number of events including AMEC Global Summit, Ignite London, MADFest and PRNews Proving PR Performance Summit. 

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