Written by Sippora Veen

Dangerous liaisons:
why partner marketing needs to go beyond the alliance

Traditionally the strategic focus for the partner marketing function has been on the alliance itself – the joint solutions, joint…

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Written by Mike Butler

Taking the temperature of retail innovation today

What innovation has been genuinely accelerated by the events of the last year? What are the changes for retailers that…

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Understanding Generation Alpha: The Most Diverse Generation Yet

How does growing up as the most diverse population impact the worldviews of Gen Alpha? How do their opinions differ from their Millennial parents and Baby Boomer grandparents? Our latest report explores this and more.

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Written by Maeve McDonald

Why an industry lens is crucial to ABM success

Even as Account Based Marketing has reached full maturity in recent years, the context in which marketers are using it…

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Recorded by Hotwire

HotTakes: Hotwire acquires McDonald Butler

In this HotTakes episode Tara O’Donnell, Maeve McDonald and Mike Butler discuss Hotwire’s acquisition of McDonald Butler. Watch below or listen…


High-Stakes Leadership in a Post-B2B World

We talked to marketers, business decision makers and consumers in eight markets worldwide to understand how high-stakes events (issues such as #MeToo, data security, gender equality, and diversity) are shaping brand perception and purchasing decisions. Here’s what we found out.

Written by Tara O'Donnell

Building a World-class Team to Connect Reputation Building to Revenue Generation

Subscribe to our monthly Newsletter   Today we announced that Hotwire acquired McDonald Butler Associates (MBA) and I am absolutely…

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Written by Toby Walshaw

What Can Businesses Learn from Greta Thunberg’s Communication Style?

Thinking back to Greta Thunberg’s one-person protest outside the Riksdagshuset parliament building in her native Sweden in August 2018, no…

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