Written by Lindsay Riddell

Speaking Out on Issues of Public Importance Is the New Normal for CEOs

The swift response seen across Corporate America in the wake of the capitol riots on Jan 6th demonstrates how executive…

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Written by Danielle McCauley

How Tech Is Enabling the New Hybrid Working Model

Insights From Zachary Comeau, Host of MyTech Decisions Podcast As we head (quickly!) into 2021, we’re taking time to reflect…

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Understanding Generation Alpha: The Most Diverse Generation Yet

How does growing up as the most diverse population impact the worldviews of Gen Alpha? How do their opinions differ from their Millennial parents and Baby Boomer grandparents? Our latest report explores this and more.

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Written by Alexis Stoller

What Does the Biden Administration Mean for Consumer Protection?

During the Trump era, it was customary for the federal government to take a backseat to regulating consumer protections across…

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Written by Hotwire

3 Predictions About Gen Z-ers’ Transition Into the Virtual Workforce

There are a few things that Gen Z are equipped with that very few other generations can relate to: growing…

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High-Stakes Leadership in a Post-B2B World

We talked to marketers, business decision makers and consumers in eight markets worldwide to understand how high-stakes events (issues such as #MeToo, data security, gender equality, and diversity) are shaping brand perception and purchasing decisions. Here’s what we found out.

Recorded by Hotwire

HotTakes: A Digital Mindset Will Drive Manufacturing Innovation

Digitalization has and continues to transform all areas of the economy, and while manufacturing has long been great and producing…

Written by Martin Sparey

Market-share versus share of voice: who will win the hyper-scale cloud race in 2021?

Martin Sparey discusses why it isn’t always the largest revenues that drive the most coverage in the cloud infrastructure space….

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