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Quantifying Success: A Practical PR Measurement Guide for Communications Leaders

Hotwire Global

Driving PR Success with Data and Analytics

By some measures, it’s never been harder to run PR and communication organizations successfully. Intense competition has heightened the urgency to capture hearts, minds, influence, wallet- and market share—within a media landscape more fractured by a proliferation of platforms, which diminishes our ability to control narratives.

As a global technology PR, communications, and marketing consultancy, Hotwire is deeply invested in ensuring your teams succeed. In this guide designed specifically for PR & Comms leaders, we shine a light on how you can leverage modern PR data and analytics solutions to empower your organizations.

What’s inside:

  • Understand audiences, finesse messaging and capitalize on high interest topics
  • Enhance campaign visibility and performance.
  • Demonstrate the value of PR and Comms efforts by selecting the most appropriate metrics, such as share of voice, to quantify ROI, aggregating them into a single dashboard, and mapping real-time data to business goals.
  • And more

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