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Hotwire Headlines #33

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How CMOs can navigate the cyber landscape

This week, we look at the rise of first-party cookies, the challenge of attaching your brand to a purpose authentically, and how CMOs can prepare for and navigate the cybersecurity and data breach minefield.

Global study reveals brands turned to APAC during the pandemic

According to Talkwater—a consumer intelligence platform—as Europe and America grappled with the pandemic, countries across APAC were either recovering or weathering the storm. To drive sales and boost engagements, brands looked at these markets which resulted in increased brand mentions. On top of this, the increase of traditional PR and influencer marketing also contributed to brand engagement.

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62 per cent of shoppers doing most of their purchases online: BigCommerce and PayPal report

While a majority of respondents surveyed said they still prefer in-person experiences, nearly two-thirds reported doing most of their purchasing online. Moreover, close to half said they’re discovering new products on social media at least once a month, and 66.7 per cent of shoppers said they’ve made a purchase directly through their phone at least once in the past month.

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News Corp Boss: Google’s cookie ban biggest tech change of 2021

There has been much conversation surrounding the controversial ban of third-party cookies on Google Chrome in recent weeks. News Corp Executive Chairman, Michael Miller, recently weighed in, referring to them as “essential building blocks of the internet” and that internet-based businesses will now have to seriously rethink how they buy, sell, and communicate online. Beyond businesses risks, however, lies opportunity for those who can harness first-party cookies in their digital marketing and advertising strategies, explains Miller.

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Koala marketing boss tells Mumbrella that brands need to stop pandering to purposes they’re not connected with

The Mumbrellacast recently sat down with Chief Marketing and Technology Officer for Koala, Peter Sloterdyk, who spoke about why marketers need to stop allowing their brands to pander to purpose. Sloterdyk delivered a strong opinion on the growing regularity of brands attaching themselves to causes—particularly without significant thought—to simply tick a box. In an issues-rich environment, how can marketers drive meaningful brand purpose that connects authentically?

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The brand battle CMOs must fight in the face of data breaches and cybersecurity attacks

The impacts of data breaches and cyber attacks are well-known today—whether that’s stolen data, encrypted files held for ransom, or a damaged reputation. What is less spoken about, however, is the battle CMOs face to maintain a strong brand in a high-risk environment. In light of this, industry experts have stepped in to provide their insight on how marketing leaders can prepare for and navigate their way through a cyber data breach.

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