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Bringing More Leaders Into Tech

Heather Kernahan

Hello Marketing and Comms talent, Tech needs you.

Even—and especially—if you’ve never worked in the industry before.

Today, technology is everywhere and an important part of every industry. Innovative new products and solutions are emerging every day, helping us work smarter and get more enjoyment from our lives. In the U.S. alone, during 2021, an estimated 245,500 net new Tech jobs were created in what continues to be the fastest-growing sector of the economy.

It should come as no surprise that this is also a fiercely competitive industry with a huge need for communications and marketing expertise. Yet there’s a talent gap that is stubbornly hard to fill.

In my role, over the past few years, as chair of the PR Council board, I have had countless conversations with business leaders and industry peers who tell me they face the same problem. The topic of talent is also an ongoing conversation we have with our clients who are all hiring and asking for referrals to great people. This talent gap is a pervasive, industry-wide challenge. There simply aren’t enough marketing and comms candidates to meet the demand, especially at the mid-senior level. We’ve got to find new ways to attract fresh talent to jobs in tech.

Attracting new talent

We were inspired by the PR Council’s agency readiness certificate which has run for the past two years and decided to develop a new program to share some of the knowledge we have. As a result, we’ve created a free, online training program called Into Tech to help fill such mission-critical positions at tech communications and marketing consultancies, agencies, and within tech companies. After all, we are a forward-thinking industry leader renowned for solving problems and igniting possibilities.

Into Tech is an on-demand course designed to introduce the tech industry to marketing and communications professionals who are interested in moving into the industry. In just three, 30-minute modules, people who might otherwise think a lack of tech experience would prevent them breaking into the industry will gain the insights and confidence they need to go out and find their dream job in tech.

From many conversations I’ve had over the past few years with people wanting to come into tech for the first time, I’ve heard several misconceptions. Some people worry about coming to grips with the jargon or getting their heads around seemingly complicated products and niches. Others worry that their skills aren’t transferable and no one will look at them without direct tech experience. There’s no need to feel daunted, with Into Tech we’re aiming to make the learning curve a little easier.

We’ve partnered with industry experts from Brightspot, LinkedIn and Envoy to develop the content and bring useful knowledge while, crucially, underlining the important point that if you are an experienced professional you already have the skills to succeed in tech. The barriers to entry some imagine don’t actually exist.

Differences welcomed

Others may wonder if they have the right kind of experience or background to make the switch. In other words, will differences be welcomed? The answer is yes.

It’s true, the tech sector has been saddled with a reputation for having a diversity and inclusion problem. However, things are changing, and tech is on the road to becoming more diverse and inclusive. One of our main reasons for launching an easily accessible training program to reach a broad audience is to further accelerate that trend and tap into fresh thinking.

We know that diversity of talent drives innovation and delivers better results, for our clients and for our own business. It makes for more inspiring teamwork and better creative solutions. This is why we are not only spreading the hiring net wide, but also creating a culture of belonging among our team so that everyone has what they need to give their best on their own terms.

We hope our Into Tech program can be a steppingstone to build the career you want. Or just help boost your tech knowledge. There is always something new to learn in the world of technology, which makes it an exciting industry to work in as a marketing or communications leader.

Are you—or someone you know—ready to experience the limitless possibilities of working in tech? Then check out Hotwire Into Tech. Registration is open until February 15, 2022 and the course is open from February 15-March 15, 2022.

Register now, it’s time to jump Into Tech.