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Deepening Google Cloud’s Reputation Across India With ABM


new prospects identified 


new prospects converted into Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs)


Google Cloud delivers a suite of enterprise-grade cloud computing services. Leveraging Google’s cutting-edge technology, customers in more than 200 countries and territories can build, deploy and manage AI, cloud computing, data storage, data analytics, machine learning and more in a serverless environment.


When Google Cloud introduced an in-country data center in India in 2017, the platform trailed in both adoption and market share. Google’s reputation at the time was considered to be in fourth position behind its competitors including AWS, Microsoft Azure and IBM. Given the cloud computing market in India is worth $7.1 billion, Google sought to activate and deepen awareness of its platform.

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Outcome Summary

Google Cloud India approached Hotwire’s Indian team (formerly GetIT) to break into India’s enterprise market and focus its energies on 6,000 key accounts. The team identified decision makers and influencers within those accounts, drove new engagement with 25,000+ prospects, and created new bridges to respective sales teams, including its channel partners.

1 Plan: Craft a Multi-Pronged ABM Strategy

Hotwire created a 360-degree outreach and engagement engine that centered around an agnostic, personalized content hub.
  • Identifying Target Personas: The team initially targeted six personas then gradually expanding to 14 to cover a broader audience while tailoring marketing efforts to address the specific needs of each persona.
  • Building a Personalized Content Hub: Hotwire created “,” a content hub hosting over 350 pieces of content that enabled direct engagement with Google Cloud India’s account managers, meeting requests, and free trials.
  • Content Personalization: The team leveraged a Content Advanced Personalization Engine (Content APE) to deliver persona-specific content., including customized headlines, body copy, and website elements based on the prospect’s role, industry, and buying stage.
  • Multi-Channel Outreach: Using social media and programmatic solutions to reach prospects through various channels Hotwire sought to nurture prospects with algorithmically programmed newsletters that matched their pace.
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2 Deliver: Activate and Deepen Awareness

The team’s goal was to accelerate the sales pipeline and measure efforts with precision. Hotwire delivered:
  • A lead-scoring framework that assigned different weightages to personas and types of content, which included regular adjustments to improve lead accuracy. 
  • A proprietary performance platform and reporting dashboard that offered a 360-view of detailed insights into accounts, personas, content engagement, lead scores, and meeting requests.
  • A timely and speedy activation with reported prospects meeting lead threshold scores or requesting meetings with sales account managers. 
  • The creation of a partner portal that further streamlined lead progression into the sales channel.

3 Prove: Enhancing Google Cloud India’s Reputation

The campaign generated:
  • An increase in general engagement levels, generating even higher numbers of marketing qualified (MQL) and sales qualified (SQL) leads. 
  • Over 26,000 prospects identified in line with the ABM campaign, with over 2,500 prospects directly engaged as a result.
  • Over 2,500 prospects converted into MQLs and SQLs, resulting in roughly 1,300 engaged accounts.


new prospects identified


marketing-ready accounts created


sales-ready accounts created


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