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Enhancing Adobe’s Reputation as a Leader in Holiday Shopping Trends


press coverage and broadcast hits


press mentions in unique outlets


Adobe is a software company known for its multimedia and creativity software products. The Adobe Digital Economy Index offers the most comprehensive set of insights of its kind, based on analysis through Adobe Analytics.


Boost Adobe as a trusted thought leader and drive demand for its Analytics business, delivering key message pull-through as the source for retail data — outperforming competitors who were coming out with their own data.

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Outcome summary

Hotwire enhanced Adobe’s reputation, awareness, media relationships, and SOV in the market through strategic planning and media relations support in line with their annual holiday report.

1 Plan: Pre-Holiday Season Prep

While the push to share Adobe’s holiday season data kicks off in October, the essence of the program takes shape much earlier.
  • Each month, Hotwire works with Adobe to conduct outreach in support of their Adobe Digital Price Index (DPI).
  • This work serves as the building block toward the eventual release of Adobe’s holiday forecast and actual consumer spending.  
  • The team crafted key storylines that would garner the greatest media interest.
  • Together, both teams strategized on the most impactful way to showcase Adobe’s projections for YoY growth across the holiday season’s five biggest shopping days.

2 Deliver: Position Adobe as a Holiday Household Name

With pertinent data ready to share, along with anticipated record-breaking days and prediction numbers, Hotwire delivered on the following:
  • The teams led with findings around out-of-stock messages, in-person versus virtual shopping due to COVID-19, flight booking insights, and more.
  • Hotwire strategically placed Adobe spokespeople across broadcast and top tier business press.
  • With all media opportunities secured, Adobe and its leadership team were positioned as the most trustworthy resource for holiday data during the season.

3 Prove: Establishing Adobe’s Reputation

The combined team’s efforts achieved unprecedented results.
  • Over 16,500 pieces of media coverage secured
  • Adobe was prominently featured by virtually every top-tier business outlet and national broadcaster with a record-high volume of hits in top business outlets like Bloomberg, Good Morning America, and NPR
  • Out of the total media coverage, Adobe appeared in over 14,000 unique media outlets


press coverage and broadcast hits


press mentions in unique outlets


countries mentioned Adobe’s findings across respective media outlets


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