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Enhancing Bentley Systems’ ESG Reputation

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Bentley Systems is an infrastructure engineering software company, delivering industry-leading software solutions for designing, constructing, and operating sustainable infrastructure. Bentley has been committed to being a responsible and sustainability-driven company since its founding in 1984.


Bentley Systems looked to Hotwire to plan, develop, and present its ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) annual report. The challenge was rooted in the complexity of the report’s development due to the diverse range of stakeholders, including investors, colleagues, and users, each with unique interests and priorities.

Outcome summary

Hotwire led the strategy, content development, and design of Bentley’s 2023 ESG Report. The report stands as a testament to Bentley’s commitment to responsible and sustainable practices, serving as a powerful tool to communicate their company values and achievements.

Services provided

1 Plan: Strategy alignment

Hotwire began by delving deep into Bentley’s preferred strategy, objectives, and priorities:
  • With an ESG report, harmonizing messaging and positioning across multiple audiences is a formidable challenge, one that Hotwire was poised to tackle head-on
  • Hotwire devised a comprehensive outline, plan, and design that catered to the distinct needs of each key stakeholder audience, including investors, colleagues, and customers, all while weaving together a compelling narrative.

2 Deliver: Activate Stakeholder Value

Hotwire leveraged their reporting expertise to achieve the following:
  • Narrative Alignment: Hotwire came up with an overall narrative and structure for the report that would leverage ESG reporting best practices and highlight Bentley’s unique strategy and point of view. 
  • Design Excellence: Collaborating closely with Bentley’s design team, Hotwire ensured that the report’s aesthetics and layout seamlessly aligned with Bentley’s brand guidelines.

3 Prove: Deepen ESG Reputation

We provided impact in a number of ways:
  • Delivering a 50-page visually stunning report that communicated the diverse, engaged culture of the company. 
  • Spotlighting impact-driven projects and partnerships by Bentley in an engaging and inspiring format that was easy-to-read for all audiences.
  • Thoughtfully engaging a wide group of stakeholders to come together to enhance Bentley’s overall ESG reputation across industries.

“The Hotwire team did an outstanding job leading the strategy, content development, and design of Bentley’s 2023 ESG Report. The resulting report surpassed our expectations, and Hotwire was a great partner, professional and efficient every step of the way.”

—Angela Curry, VP and Chief Compliance Officer at Bentley Systems


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