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Enhancing Intermedia’s Reputation in a Crowded Remote & Hybrid Working Space


net-new website visitors


increase in emotional brand resonance


Intermedia is a cloud communications company that helps SMBs connect better through voice, video conferencing, chat, SMS, contact center, business email and productivity, file sharing and backup, security, archiving, and more. Intermedia also has a robust partner program with over 7,500 channel partners.


Intermedia had a low-profile in the crowded unified communications market. The company needed to elevate its communications strategy above the better-known competitive set at a time when, due to COVID, everyone was promising a better remote working experience.

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Outcome Summary

Stemming from Hotwire’s strategy development and tailored research, the team activated a brand awareness campaign, driving over 38,000 net new site visitors in under three months, with a very impressive 95% of traffic identified as new vistors to Intermedia’s site.

1 Plan: Understand the Market

To start, Hotwire needed to better understand the unified communications market as a whole:
  • After an overall brand audit and proprietary audience research, Hotwire created a plan around the brand promise of better human connection.
  • The team then took these insights and mapped it back to pain points overcome by Intermedia solutions.

2 Deliver: Activate New Engagement

Hotwire’s brand awareness campaign for Intermedia focused on the following:
  • Addressing the remote working narrative: Hotwire translated commonly felt problems into solutions that were both functional and emotional.
  • Thought Leadership: Activating new thought leadership work reached SMB target audiences via channels such as influencers, key media outlets, sales enablement, direct targeting, and more.

3 Prove: Deepen Brand Awareness

Hotwire’s efforts drove significant new prospects and deepened audience awareness to Intermedia’s brand:
  • In under three months, the campaign drove over 38,000 net-new site visitors, accounting for 95% of Intermedia’s overall web traffic.
  • The team also achieved high emotional brand resonance, at almost double the standard industry benchmarks.
  • In line with the boost in emotional brand resonance, a 93% lift in activation was achieved as a result.


net-new website visitors


increase in emotional brand resonance


of website traffic was net-new to Intermedia


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