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Enhancing Kiva’s Reputation on International Women’s Day


raised to fund over 37,000 women across Kiva’s platform


new Kiva Users gained in a week


Kiva is a non-profit crowdfunding platform that specializes in providing microloans to individuals and small businesses in underserved and economically disadvantaged communities around the world. Kiva operates on a peer-to-peer lending model, where individual lenders contribute funds to specific borrowers or projects. This innovative approach to lending aims to alleviate poverty, empower entrepreneurs, and promote economic inclusion.


Kiva turned to Hotwire to drive more support for women entrepreneurs at International Women’s Day, with the ultimate goal of raising funds for these entrepreneurs and making a difference in womens’ lives.

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Outcome Summary

By redefining the narrative around what it means to be a “powerful woman” combined with an integrated, digital-first strategy, Hotwire helped Kiva raise an impressive $4.2 million in donations, ultimately funding over 37,000 women entrepreneurs across Kiva’s platform.

1 Plan: Redefine the Narrative

To help Kiva break through the noise of International Women’s Day, Hotwire started by studying the cultural conversations surrounding women’s empowerment in general.
  • While the term “Girl Boss” was commonly used to symbolize successful women, Hotwire uncovered that its use across media channels often led to stereotypical content being promoted and accepted. 
  • Recognizing that a powerful woman embodies much more, Hotwire decided to center Kiva’s campaign around the statement: “A powerful woman is…”
“Hotwire’s creativity in developing an idea that cut through the noise of International Women’s Day drove tangible success for the business.”
Henrique Saboia, VP of Growth, Kiva
kiva case study

2 Deliver: Spark A New Perspective

Harnessing the power of creative storytelling, the team’s campaign unfolded in three key phases:
  • Empowering Female Influencers: To bring the campaign to life, Hotwire enlisted the support of 10 diverse and empowering female influencers, who shared their unique perspectives on what makes a powerful woman to initiate meaningful discussions across their audiences.
  • Creative Social Content: In collaboration with an artist, the team transformed these influencers’ responses into captivating social content, which celebrated the multifaceted nature of female strength, challenged conventional stereotypes, and inspired a new perspective.
  • Community Engagement: The team fostered community participation by organizing giveaways and incorporating tracking links across social media platform to monitor conversations. These initiatives encouraged engagement, driving the message deeper across new audiences.

3 Prove: Make a Difference

Through a comprehensive, digital-first strategy, the team’s efforts led to impressive results:
  • Hotwire’s innovative approach not only celebrated the strength and diversity of powerful women, but also drove substantial contributions to Kiva’s mission of supporting women entrepreneurs. 
  • The team built new awareness to Kiva’s mission and ultimately drove Americans to want to lend to entrepreneurial women via Kiva’s platform.
  • Hotwire secured a total of 48 pieces of media coverage, amplifying the message of female empowerment and redefining what it means to be successful as a woman.


raised to fund over 37,000 women across Kiva’s platform


new Kiva Users gained in a week


pieces of media coverage secured in online, broadcast, and influencer channels


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