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Enhancing Qualcomm’s 5G Reputation


Web traffic increase to Qualcomm’s 5G pages


Media hits secured associating 5G with Qualcomm


Qualcomm is powering the connected intelligent edge with wireless connectivity and on-device AI. From leading in breakthrough technologies like 5G., Qualcomm has pushed the boundaries of what’s possible to enable next-gen experiences.


With 5G the event focus at annual trade show, MWC, Qualcomm turned to Hotwire to cut through the conference’s noise and position the tech company as a breakthrough leader in 5G.

Services Provided

Outcome Summary

Hotwire was credited for supporting Qualcomm’s domination of the 5G discussion surrounding MWC with 80% of the resulting media coverage including key 5G messaging, along with a 1,075% increase in engagement for Qualcomm’s European social channels.

1 Plan: Setting The Stage

Advance planning and preparation are a given, but Hotwire went one step further to activate and deepen awareness:
  • Qualcomm’s goal was to establish a significant presence before, during, and after MWC, spanning seven European markets.
  • Hotwire prepared a comprehensive key insights report and a set of strategic recommendations well in advance of MWC. 
  • The team executed a proactive approach by pre-briefing 70 influential media outlets through seven roundtable discussions held across Europe.
  • Hotwire also secured and hosted 32 key media and influencers at the conference.​

2 Deliver: Establish Qualcomm’s Voice

To dominate the 5G conversation, Hotwire funneled its efforts into establishing Qualcomms as a household name and leader in 5G.
  • Hotwire guided media to Qualcomm’s ‘5G Industry Moment’ with 30+ wireless partners.
  • We distributed 2,000 copies of Qualcomm’s ‘5G Journey Map’ insights at the conference, in addition to arranging an on-site camera crew to capture footage from the event.
  • An end-to-end communications platform for Qualcomm EMEA President, Enrico Salvatori was also crafted, along with Hotwire writing Salvatori’s keynote speech on, ‘Why 5G is Here.”
  • Additionally, Hotwire placed thought leadership content, hosted top-tier media briefings, and managed Qualcomm’s European social media channels.

3 Prove: Demonstrating Success

The success of Qualcomm’s presence at MWC would be determined by dominating the conversation during MWC, and positioning Qualcomm as the leader in 5G.
  • Hotwire’s efforts resulted in extensive earned media coverage, with over 10,000 pieces of Qualcomm-related content appearing in top tier outlets such as The Telegraph, Les Echos,, Bloomberg, and Business Insider.
  • Beyond media coverage, Hotwire positioned Qualcomm EMEA President Enrico Salvatori as a leader in 5G, securing features in 18 separate articles and videos.


web traffic increase to Qualcomm’s 5G pages


of Qualcomm media coverage included key 5G messaging


growth in engagement for Qualcomm’s European social media channels


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