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Evolving CA Technologies’ Customer Relationships through ABM


increase in brand awareness


generated pipeline


CA Technologies was an American multinational software company that developed and published enterprise software. The company was acquired by Broadcom Inc., a global technology leader that designs, develops, and supplies semiconductor and infrastructure software solutions.


CA Technologies aimed to target their most valued customers and potential prospects with a dedicated ABM campaign that both complemented and celebrated the work being done by account and client teams to raise the number, value, and scope of their respective relationships.

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Outcome Summary

Hotwire activated the ABM campaign, resulting in heightened brand awareness, with an increase of 24% exposure. This was reflected in the Net Promoter Score (NPS) increasing in the next survey.

1 Plan: Bridge the Gap

Hotwire needed to determine CA Technologies’ value proposition as a company:
  • CA Technologies had been a trusted partner to large retail banks, supporting their business transformation through an era of profound and rapid change. 
  • The company was uniquely positioned to bridge the gap between business and technology to help build the bank of tomorrow – agile, innovative, digital-first and designed with resilience built in for a rapidly changing world.
Ca technologies case studies

2 Deliver: Activate ABM

Hotwire aimed to evolve relationships with CA Technologies’ customers and future prospects in multiple ways:
  • Hotwire delivered CA Technologies’ value proposition to key IT and technology stakeholders within Barclays Bank and HSBC, ensuring that the creative visuals and campaign wrapper elevated this message
  • Each account lead at CA Technologies focused on what made the opportunity with the bank unique and highlighted the concepts and themes that would raise the value and scope of their most important customer relationships
  • The creative used in the campaign  imitated Barclays and HSBC’s brands look and feel to create immediate alignment

3 Prove: Evolve Relationships

Hotwire yielded notable results directly impacting CA Technologies’ bottom-line:
  • The ABM campaign resulted in $5 million generated within the existing pipeline in just twelve weeks from deployment
  • The account team was able to activate a sizable opportunity and move forward with their engagement with the target account
  • In addition, brand awareness and the overall positioning saw an increase of 24% following the campaign, and an overall improvement on NPS.


increase in brand awareness


impact on Net Promoter Score (NPS)


pipeline generated for HSBC​


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