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Evolving Internal Relationships at Pinterest


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Pinterest is the visual inspiration platform people around the world use to shop products personalized to their taste, find ideas to do offline and discover the most inspiring creators. Headquartered in San Francisco, Pinterest launched in 2010 and has more than 465 million monthly active users worldwide.


Pinterest came to Hotwire for support to evolve their employee relationships by elevating the employee experience during their quarterly Senior Leadership Conference (SLC). Together, Pinterest and Hotwire created an experience for attendees that improved engagement and employee trust.

Services Provided

Outcome Summary

Hotwire’s branding efforts and design work enabled Pinterest to successfully enhance their quarterly Senior Leadership Conferences (SLCs) and achieve a cohesive and engaging branded experience for attendees

1 Plan: Craft a Cohesive, Branded Experience

Planning for Pinterest’s SLCs required precision and adaptability due to the varying event formats over each quarter – from in-person to hybrid. This included:
  • Event Theme and Messaging: Once Pinterest defined the event theme and messaging, Hotwire’s creative team assisted in streamlining production to deliver the content within a month leading to the actual event.
  • Sub-Branded Visual Identity: Hotwire developed a sub-branded visual identity to align with Pinterest’s branding, ensuring a cohesive look and feel throughout the event.
  • Templates for Content Teams: The team created templates that facilitated content creation and consistency among different presentations.
  • Printed Collateral and Presentation Content: Hotwire’s creative team worked on various assets, including event sub-branding, presentation designs, digital and printed collateral, and wayfinding signage.

2 Deliver: Transform Concepts into Tangible Assets

Four standout elements showcased our commitment to excellence:
  • Custom Logo for Q3 2022 Event: Hotwire collaborated with Pinterest to design a custom logo for the Q3 2022 event, aligning with the company’s overall brand, theme, and messaging.
  • Asset Tracker: To manage numerous deliverables with tight print deadlines, Hotwire and Pinterest maintained an organized tracker, offering visibility into deadlines, statuses, and locations.
  • Camp North Star Theme: In Q4 2022, the event theme was “Camp North Star.” Hotwire translated Pinterest’s mood board into presentation decks, printed signage, and collateral, creating a seamless and immersive experience for employees.
  • Printed Workbook: Building on learnings from previous events, Hotwire designed a comprehensive, 32-page workbook for attendees. This included session content, breakout activities, speaker information, and interactive elements such as quizzes and puzzles.

3 Prove: Evolve Employee Relationships

Hotwire elevated the employee experience during Pinterest’s quarterly SLCs to the benefit of the following:
  • 140+ Hybrid Attendees: Pinterest’s SLCs drew a diverse internal audience including executives and key stakeholders. The event’s success was reflected in the engaged and attentive hybrid audience, underlining the value of Hotwire’s creative contributions in making the SLCs a memorable and interactive experience.
  • 10 Presenters: The SLCs featured a distinguished lineup of 10 presenters, including Pinterest’s top executives and guest speakers. Hotwire’s creative support played a pivotal role in preparing these presenters with visually engaging and effective slide decks.

“Working with Hotwire made planning for the SLC offsites so smooth and easy. They were instrumental in pulling together, designing, and polishing all of the slide decks to get our presenters ready. They were consistently responsive in their communication, responded quickly to feedback, and truly made the design workstream the most fun and exciting part of the planning process.

Maddy Fraioli, People Project Manager at Pinterest


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