SIX soars at SIBOS


The Swiss stock exchange (SIX) wanted to amplify news that it was launching the SIX Digital Exchange (SDX), offering fully integrated digital asset trading, settlement and custody. Annual banking and financial conference SIBOS was chosen as the ideal place for the launch.


To bring this to life, we created three graphic assets for use in a LinkedIn campaign targeting both seasoned investors and millennial investors. The ‘isometric’ illustration style we settled on reinforced the futuristic theme of the initiative.


Each illustration highlighted key messages and innovations behind the new digital platform: bridging the gap between old and new; security, stability, safety and transparency; and digital transformation toward the smart financial city.


By visualizing the stock exchange of the future in a striking and apt way and targeting investors via LinkedIn we created significant awareness and stimulated interest in the nascent SDX, including 1.2k social engagements and 1.1k visits to the website.






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