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SXSW blog header image of skyline
Hotwire Insights
by Whitney Wells, SVP and Jessica Heagerty, SVP SXSW has increasingly become more...
hero image of audience at event and camera outline videoing stage
Hotwire Insights
Here’s a first look at what we’re planning to check out from the mouths of our marketing and...
CES 2024 blogs trends header image of AI generated women with CES top trends text around her
In the weeks following CES 2024, and now that the dust (and post-show cough) has settled, our team...
world economic forum davos 2024 blog header image of WEF logo
Hotwire Insights
This year, along with CEO of Hotwire Continental Europe, Ute Hildebrandt, I not only attended the...
NRF blog header image of retail shopping space with people
by Gaby Yim, Senior DirectorIn the heart of New York City hosts the National Retail Federation’s...
blog header imager of AI girl with consumer tech wearing glasses
Hotwire Insights
By Sam Gavin, Director Hotwire UKWith CES 2024 here, editors at tech publications will be shaking...
CES speaker stage blog
by Jessica Juckes, Senior Account Director, Hotwire UK and Brittany Margiotta, Senior Director,...
Pinterest case study evolving internal relationships
Content Marketing & Creative Services
Evolving Internal Relationships at Pinterest 140+ hybrid attendees utilizing...
buy black meta case study
Public Relations
Evolving Meta’s Audience Relationships With #BuyBlack Friday 2,000+ press...