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CES 2024 blogs trends header image of AI generated women with CES top trends text around her
In the weeks following CES 2024, and now that the dust (and post-show cough) has settled, our team...
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by Gaby Yim, Senior DirectorIn the heart of New York City hosts the National Retail Federation’s...
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Hotwire Insights
By Sam Gavin, Director Hotwire UKWith CES 2024 here, editors at tech publications will be shaking...
CES speaker stage blog
by Jessica Juckes, Senior Account Director, Hotwire UK and Brittany Margiotta, Senior Director,...
ecommerce retail trends
Hotwire Insights
by Abby Schoffman On the heels of the busiest shopping days of the holiday season, data shows...
image of holiday lights in store front
Public Relations
Enhancing Adobe’s Reputation as a Leader in Holiday Shopping...